Benefits of Itinerary Planning Services

June 8, 2022

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Planning a business trip can be the most exhausting part of the entire trip. There’s just so much to arrange—from flights and hotels to car service and meals. Then there are the preparations around what you’re actually there to do, whether that’s attending a conference or trying to land a big client. On top of everything else, the itinerary you plan can be much more expensive than it needs to be and really take a bite out of your firm’s bottom line. That’s why many business professionals and executives take advantage of itinerary planning services for themselves and their traveling employees.

What is Itinerary Planning?

When you work with an itinerary planning service, they’ll take care of every aspect of your business trip. They’ll handle all of the flights, accommodations, meeting locations, car service, meals, and anything else needed to ensure business travel goes as smoothly as possible for you and your employees.

What are the Benefits of Itinerary Planning Services?

There are several reasons why your firm should hire an itinerary planning service.

  • Cost-saving: If your company doesn’t have a process in place to manage business travel, then you’re likely overspending. Itinerary planners are there to design business trips that conform to your firm’s travel policies and budget. They use their established relationships to negotiate discounted rates and/or more favorable traveler amenities than you might get on your own. They can help you develop a reasonable, yet lean, travel budget.
  • Expertise: Corporate travel planning and execution can be very complex and may go beyond the skills of your administrative assistant. Itinerary planners, on the other hand, are experts. They are professionals who understand the needs and challenges of your traveling employees. They know “inside” industry details that can improve travel convenience, comfort, and safety for everyone in your organization at minimal cost.
  • Compliance: An itinerary planning service agency can handle flight and hotel bookings on behalf of your employees, saving your people time that can be better spent elsewhere. Perhaps even more important, taking the arrangements out of employees’ hands also assures compliance with your firm’s travel guidelines. They can bring order and consistency to your firm, which will benefit both your bottom line and your traveling employees.
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  • Reliable transportation: One of the most important aspects of any business trip is getting to meetings and appointments on time. You don’t want your employees trying to find their way around an unfamiliar city in a rental car. Itinerary planners will arrange for executive chauffeurs to shuttle employees to and from every appointment, ensuring punctuality.
  • 24/7 support: You want your employees to be able to travel with confidence, knowing that they have recourse should anything go wrong. An itinerary planning service will make sure that someone is ready to assist your employees any time of day or night, so they know they’ll never be stuck.
  • Event management: Itinerary planners will help you plan your event or meeting from start to finish. They’ll find appropriate locations and venues for your meeting and event and help you plan the agenda, if desired. They’ll also coordinate travel to and from the event for all key players and manage all aspects of correspondence with participating attendees. Finally, they’ll engage an on-site management team to ensure the agenda is executed with precision on the day of the event.
  • Personalized recommendations: Itinerary planners have firsthand knowledge of various locations and are able to make recommendations for the best restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions in the area and keep you posted on upcoming concerts, sporting events, and more. This can be valuable information if you need to entertain clients or you know that you’ll have long stretches of “downtime.”
  • Analysis: Itinerary planners can help analyze travel and expense patterns. By knowing what you’re spending and where the dollars are going, you can make better forecasts for budgeting and see where you can save without sacrificing the comfort level and convenience you want for your employees.

How can I Arrange for an Itinerary Planning Services?

If you are a CEO or president of a large corporation or a high-level business executive, then traveling to conduct business or attend conferences is certainly a key component of your job and probably something you expect your employees to do as well. However, you also know that international or domestic travel means contending with a whole host of stressors and inconveniences.

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