Highly Successful Chauffeur Traits

June 8, 2022

Executive Chauffeurs are expected to dress nicely, highly trained, be punctual, and get you to your destination safely. However, there is that “something” that great chauffeurs have that sets them apart from the rest. What is this quality? Here are some traits we’ve found that make the difference. Insight A great chauffeur can instantly “read” a client and will know how to relate to them. During the course of their careers chauffeurs come across a wide range of people. Men and women, young and old, celebrities and businessmen. And usually a different approach is required for each of them. Knowing how to accurately assess each client is what separates the good from the great. Confidence A great chauffeur radiates quiet confidence. Their clients feel calm and safe knowing that the chauffeur has everything under control. Great chauffeurs are always professional, yet friendly when transporting clients. Great chauffeurs have their priorities in order. He or she arrives early and looks professional. They provide exceptional service to their clients on each and every trip. Passion Great chauffeurs have a passion for their work. They’re always looking for new ways to be better than before and ensure their clients have the ultimate positive experience. They basically live and breathe their work and their clients reap the rewards of their service. Problem Solvers Leaders take responsibility for their performance. When plans change or require attention the ultimate chauffeur finds ways to fix things quickly and get a plan back on track. Not only do all of US Sedan’s Executive Chauffeurs have these traits, they are supported by a team of professionals providing: ~24 hour reservation department ~24 hour dispatch ~24 hour fleet maintenance ~Field supervision – Road observations, client relations, immediate client resolution and enhanced reporting ~Detailed account reporting and auditing Stunning executive sedans, SUV’s, limousines, and specialty vehicles make up our meticulously maintained fleet. Whether traveling from the airport to an important meeting, or toting the family from one adventure to another, U.S. Sedan will escort you safely and expeditiously to your next destination.

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