Mind Your Ps & Qs: Limousine Etiquette from Miami’s Car Service Provider

June 8, 2022

The annual company meeting is fast approaching, and you’ve been tasked with arranging transportation for the C-level executives flying in from Berlin to Miami International Airport. The choice was clear: US Sedan Service. The reservation is set, and the pickup time has been confirmed. You’ve hired the finest, most well respected Miami car service, and together you’ll travel to the airport to retrieve your honored guests. They’ve had a long flight, and you don’t want to be a minute late, so you called and confirmed the pickup time, for the third time. US Sedan Service understands the size of the responsibility on your shoulders, but remember, you made the smart choice, and hired the professionals. Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and mind the finer points of proper limousine etiquette.
  • Know how many passengers will be in your party, and let us know ASAP if your party size changes. For safety and for comfort, we want to ensure the car we provide can equip the appropriate number of passengers.
  • Always request a non-smoking car — even if you think this is common sense.
  • Ask to know the color, make, and model of the limousine or car, and pass this information along to your C-level executives.
  • When we arrive at our destination, remain seated. It is your professional chauffeur’s duty to open the door, and assist all passengers as they exit.
  • The last person to enter the limousine should always be the first to exit.
  • All luggage will be loaded, and unloaded by your professional chauffeur.
  • Let the driver know, right away, who will sit where, and what stops will need to be made; provide exact directions to specific locations if necessary.
  • Be mindful of seat positions. The “power seat,” or that at the back right, should always be reserved for the VIP. The “jump seat,” or that facing backwards, is often considered the most uncomfortable, and is where the junior executive (In this case: you.) should seat herself. The C-level executive should never be left to sit in this position, nor in the back middle seat.
  • When entering the limousine, sit in the seat, swing your legs in, and slide. Never step in first, as no one wants (nor needs) a clear view of your rear end.
  • Never request that the driver exceed the speed limit.
  • As you exit the limousine at the end of your ride, take a glance around and ensure that the car is left as clean as it was when you entered. A good rule of thumb is to treat your US Sedan Service vehicle as if it were your own.

When you’ve hired US Sedan for your Miami car service needs:

You can rest assured knowing that all members of your party — executives, managers, and assistants — will be treated with the utmost respect by your professional chauffeur.

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