Diplomatic Chauffeur Services

Are you a U.S. or foreign diplomat traveling throughout the United States?

U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide is highly experienced in providing diplomatic chauffeur services to diplomatic personnel who desire discreet and comfortable transportation while on the go. Our skilled and highly knowledgeable chauffeurs will transport you to your destination on time while giving you back your time and allowing you to travel comfortably.

Paired with our extensive road, terrain, and parking knowledge, an expansive fleet of diplomat-transport vehicles, and commitment to unparalleled service quality, we will help you depart and arrive from your travel destinations discreetly and professionally.

Why Diplomats Choose U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide

Some of the top reasons why diplomats readily turn to U.S. Sedan Service for diplomatic chauffeur services are:

  • For unparalleled safety and access, our drivers not only undergo thorough screening but also maintain up-to-date security clearances. This permits them entry to locations generally restricted to the public, ensuring a seamless transition from one high-security environment to another. They are also equipped with the latest mobile technology for real-time adaptability to schedule changes.
  • Our in-house concierge service stands ready to assist you with on-the-fly itinerary adjustments, including reservations and customized sightseeing tours. This is made possible through our 24/7 support system, where our telephone representatives are in constant contact with our chauffeurs to ensure every reservation is executed flawlessly.
  • For those requiring an additional layer of security, we offer specialized services such as Armored Transport Vehicles, Motorcade Security, and Executive & Diplomatic protection. Our diplomatic vehicles are further enhanced with state-of-the-art satellite radio and televisions, allowing passengers to stay updated with real-time news and global events while en route.


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At U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide, we understand the importance of discretion and the needs of each of our diplomatic clients. Our highly reliable and secured diplomatic chauffeur services comprise a dedicated team of chauffeurs, managers, and coordinators who are the best in the industry and will work with you to accommodate all of your travel support needs.

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