The Cure @ Kaseya Center

This July, prepare to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of melancholic melodies and profound lyrics as The Cure graces the Kaseya Center in Miami. Revered for their pioneering contributions to post-punk and new-wave music, The Cure’s haunting soundscapes and iconic tracks have made them a household name across generations.

On July 1, join us as we step into a musical time machine, reliving the band’s illustrious journey through their vast catalog of hits. From their early beginnings with tracks like “Boys Don’t Cry” to later anthems like “Friday I’m in Love,” The Cure promises a night of nostalgia, emotion, and timeless music.

Experience the magic of Robert Smith’s evocative lyrics and unique voice reverberating through the Kaseya Center. Be part of an audience united by the band’s enduring legacy and the powerful resonance of their music.


July 1




Miami, Florida

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