U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide’s booking technology makes your life easier with a desktop computer or mobile device access.

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Accessible Everywhere

U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide technology is an integrated system for booking and managing trips. The web-based application is accessible from any computer, while the mobile app travels with you on your phone and tablet.

All applications are fully integrated with our reservations, dispatch, and accounting systems, giving you the data you need to make your travel run smoothly.

System Features

    1. Reservations are quick and effortless, with quotes and scheduling completed in seconds.
    2. During travel, our system continually updates your travel plans and flights while dispatching vehicles and information to chauffeurs in the field.
    3. Vehicle status and location are constantly updated via GPS and sent electronically to your team, ensuring efficient routing and up-to-date information.
    4. Through a Preferred Client Experience account, we personalize your trip by matching your preferences with our services, including choice of vehicle class, amenities, and preferred chauffeurs, all while offering onboard WiFi for your convenience.
    5. Our integrated system streamlines reservations, dispatch, communications, and accounting, with trip records and receipts available electronically, including via our app.

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Our Reservations department is staffed with professional agents 24/7/365 and is always happy to assist.