Terms and Conditions

Reservation Confirmations & Quotes

RATE ASSURANCE: U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide assures you that the Hourly or Transfer rate you are quoted for a specific vehicle and trip will be the basis of your billing. Hourly and Transfer rates quoted are inclusive of Base Rate, plus Administration, Gratuity, and Fuel charges. Transfer rates quoted to or from airports are inclusive of airport fees, airport parking, and tolls. The fees will be included at the time of the quote, if planned/requested by client or booker. If they are incurred without prior planning, they will be added to the client’s final bill.

DISCLAIMER: A recommended 20% gratuity has been added for your convenience. Payment of this gratuity is at the complete discretion of the client. It may be increased, decreased, or eliminated entirely. Any gratuity received will be remitted in full to the chauffeur.

CANCELLATIONS: Or changes to any standard vehicle (Sedan, SUV) within 2 hours of the scheduled pick-up time is subject to a full charge equal to base fare plus all applicable fees and gratuity. Late cancellation charges for specialty vehicles will be determined on a case by case basis. Special events may incur different minimums and/or cancellation policy to be advised at booking. Cancellations by a third party will not be considered valid. This confirmation contains an estimation of charges and may not include all charges incurred during the performance of the trip. This may include but is not limited to: early/late fees, tolls, parking, waiting time charges or minimums during special events.

CONTACT INFORMATION: A valid mobile number must be provided to ensure that chauffeurs make direct contact with passenger(s). U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide is not responsible for any missed pickups due to negligence in providing the passengers mobile number.

CLEANING FEES: SMOKING is not permitted in U.S. Sedan Service Worldwide vehicles and is subject to a minimum of $100 for each carpet or seat burns in addition to the $250 Detail/Sanitation fee. Minimum Sanitation/Detail fee of $250 will be applied to vehicles for any cleaning that is beyond the standard cleaning vehicles require. Minimum Sanitation/Detail fee of $500 will be applied for any bodily fluids from passengers or pets found in the vehicle.

ITEMS: U.S. Sedan is not responsible for the personal effects of the passengers including but not limited to loss or damaged items.

AFTER HOURS: If pickup falls between 12 am and 4:59 am an additional service fee will apply.